[PDF] The Conscientious Marine Aquarist: A Commonsense Handbook for Successful below and download the ebook or have access to additional information. download The Conscientious Marine Aquarist: A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Robert M. Fenner. a commonsense handbook for successful saltwater hobbyists. Marine aquariums, Marine aquarium fishes, Handbooks, manuals, Internet Archive Wishlist.

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of the conscientious marine aquarist, one the bestselling marine aquarium aquarist realism. conscientious marine aquarist pdf get file - conscientious marine. The Conscientious Marine Aquarist (Microcosm/T.F.H. Professional) [Robert M. Fenner] on Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. I want to get a copy of Bob's book "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist. . Is this available anywhere in PDF format or electronic copy that I can download online?.

I also plan to add a generous amount of Caesura in this tank. My final task is if successful with the small tank to go to a liter tank with fishes in all. I would like to end up with 3 Pterois volitans and one Pt.

I have been thinking of a green trigger too aggressive?? Finally I plan to collect some invertebrates small crabs from the Mediterranean.. Thanks in advance!! Reclos Ph. Hi, my name's Dustin and I've written to you in the past for advise on my salt water tank. I now have a problem in regards to your book "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist". I work at a local pet store and we cant get your book any more because apparently there's a company in the states who has bought it out -????

Any how i was wondering if you know were we could get a few copies for retail. I think your book is great for newcomer saltwater people but we don't know where to get it now. Thanks for your time. Please contact them through: Hello Mr.

Just a Line to say that my name is Alan,and i live in England, I sent you an e-mail a few weeks ago, witch you so kindly Answered,telling you that i have ordered your book the C. I have now got it, and i think it is great,this e-mail is just to let you know ok! As it has everything that they need to Know, just my 2p's worth,thank you.

Alan England That should have read CMA!!! And found something interesting. Well lots of things, but this is what I refer to: Both of us were bidding, and I guess when 'Zo figured it was Jay bidding he stopped. However, apparently my login on site is so good, Zo had no clue it was me. So for awhile 'Zo and I and Jay, all regulars on the forum, and I were outdoing each other all for your book!

I guess you should take this as a complement. Autographing my new CMA book! Greetings Bob! I hope your trip to Hawaii was fun, or fruitful, or whatever. While cruising the forums last week, I found out that a hard bound copy of the CMA was being auctioned on e-bay. I loaned my paperback version to a friend, and it was returned with pages falling out and had obviously been soaked in water. So I placed a bid on e-bay and held my breath as the price slowly climbed I'd be more than happy to provide return postage, include a mailing box, whatever you'd need to make it easy on you to return it.

Just let me know what you need and where to send it. There'd be no rush to return it to me.

I know this would be somewhat of a hassle for you, but I'd really appreciate it if you could find the time. Very enjoyable to sign, interact with fellow hobbyists at venues And if it weren't for your forums, I'd have never known it was available Be chatting my friend. I did not dig far enough to find most of the questions already answered. I was, however, looking for your book at Barnes and Noble only to find it is out of print, any suggestions where to find a copy?

Can be ordered through the hobby 'zine T.

Is the watts per gallon rule of thumb more in consideration for depth of the tank or how much growth you will see? Don't mean to be a pest, just want to do it right. Thanks, Hank H. Fenner,i am going to download your book TCMA. For me, a "work of a lifetime" Please read through the "reviews" accumulated by the on-line etailers like site.

Alan in England I live on Long Island, New York and dive as well. Be chatting. Wow CMA I just read that you wrote the Consciencious Marine Aquarist, it is on my coffee table and I have used it as a definitive reference over the years.

I have read it a hundred times and it has proved to be a cornerstone to my girlfriends knowledge of the hobby. Am taking your message with me next time I'm out begging for a bank loan. Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Hi Bob, I was looking at your book on site. Anything lacking from the paperback version?

Thanks for your help, I look forward to reading your book. Thank you! Lucky for me he didn't show up to work the next day and I left on a plane that day to go to Texas, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the helpful information in that book. Link on our site: Thanks again for storaging so much useful knowledge in your brain that we all can use!

Contentious and Conscientious Marine Aquarist Hello! I must say that after reading your book I am most impressed and have learned a lot. I use it constantly and also refer other people to the book as well. Thank you so much for putting your knowledge into such a readable book.

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The most recent is advertised on our website which I sense you'll greatly enjoy: Bob, Books, what's next, Pizza? Yum Hey bob the Duke fenner, a lot of? Is the book about the oceans fish life and how they are captured , and if so what is your title of this book?

Also I lied to you about my tank being three feet deep,not on purpose tho and I got a vita light by Duro. Thanks very much.

Your book is very comprehensive but understandable. My intended setup includes: I got a great deal on a 90 gallon tank,stand and canopy. Thank you for your kind words. Have been adding to CMA and posting just these sorts of questions on a website: For specific questions please write back to me at this address. New Book? Got me. Perhaps you could write to James and inquire: Everyone is clamoring for a copy of your book. At any rate, they are available online at www. Hope all is well.

James A. Thank you for this Have seen it in a few stores Everywhere I find on the Web is out of stock. And is the hardback version in print yet? Will send your note to my U. Getting your book Mr.

I am not complaining, but did I order from the wrong company? If you have any suggestions drop me a line at ddyer ipa. Book I just wanted to drop you a note that your book is on backorder on site.

I guess that is both good and bad. It is very popular but now difficult to get. None of their other print jobs or reprints have ever been timely Big sigh. I've been to all the local stores in san diego and have yet to find great prices and consistent advice. Please understand me here You could have "consistently bad, or useless" information What you really want to seek is advice with "explanations" You are intelligent enough to discern what to adopt, adapt from there Is this setup complete?

Please contact our great kahuna, Maurice Bullock: Mbulloc1 san. Will likely run into you there, the Orange County or L. Live in San Diego as well This message has it all!

Huge praise, intelligence, and fish in it!!! Thank you Mike. I must say I think it is excellent! CMA is the best book of its kind in print, no doubt. I am speaking or rather I should say, writing as an aspiring Aquarist - trying to do some ground work to see what I am letting myself in for. Your book I found refreshingly easy to read yet with a good amount of detail and personal observations and opinions. Good design and good photography throughout.

Having been involved as a photographer in three book projects I know how easily market forces and plain ignorance and lack of interest from a publisher can spoil the dream of a lifetime of work.

Well done. I hope the text isn't too similar also. Obviously there must be a certain amount of overlap regarding some of the subject matter. A small gripe! I am also a working photographer Too bad. CMA Praise and more!

I, myself, do not own a marine aquarium, but I do have a 30 gallon fresh water cold tank. I think salt water fish are absolutely beautiful. And thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Do take a look at my efforts re ponds and goldfish posted on our site: Home Page.

Dear Mr. How do I accomplish this? If so how do I make them aware of this problem? Do offer to help other aquarists to provide proper care, adequate habitats. What I need now is guidance. I hope to hear from you. I also know of a store that is wonderful.

Look on the net. There are several bulletin boards, listservs, chatrooms I got your email address from your web site "Wet Web Media". I'm writing to thank you for writing "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist". I'm just getting into the hobby and have spent the last 4 months just reading and researching, both on paper and online.

I have collected a stack of books but haven't found any that are as complete, useful, practical and thought provoking as yours. I have changed many aspects of my plan for my g reef tank because of your book but the best part is simply that I know why and the choices I've made since reading your book have been much more educated decisions.

What a pleasure, deeply gratifying to know my efforts are helping, that such a work as the Conscientious Marine Aquarist has prompted such a response And do avail yourself of my ongoing writing, image-making stored on the site: Can you please tell me where I can download a copy?

As a writer, I often wonder "what the heck's going on" There are a number of pet-fish mailorder houses that carry this title. I would put the descriptors "Aquarium supplies, mailorder" in you search engine and follow them Thank you again.

Dear bob: I was wondering if you could answer the following questions for me. What, in your opinion, are the disadvantages of being a Marine Biologist? What, in your opinion, are the advantages of being a Marine Biologist? Nice people to associate with. For some folks, a lot of fun travel, challenges of improving the fields If you could do it all over again, would you have chosen this field? A very good time dealing as a positive "go between" parties Profitable enough to be in the "life business" as opposed to the opposite or some zero-sum proposition I heard that it is hard to get a job as a Marine Biologist because of the few job openings.

Was it hard for you?

Popular to Favorit The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Robert M. Fenner

What do you find the most satisfying part of this field? What are some related occupations to the field of Marine Biology? There are many, many divisions in the field: What do marine biologists make as a salary? Some of the folks in the service side make six figures while paying the public's wages How did you first get interested in marine biology?

What do I need to do to become a marine biologist?

Rev. & updated 2nd ed.

Or, just an earnest belief in yourself, the purpose of your intent What do you do as a marine biologist? I write stories, essays on underwater natural history, pet-fish husbandry issues, give pitches scientific, industry, hobby in the field. Help set up collecting stations. Take, distribute such content and images photographs Help introduce parties, institutions to each other What types of problems do you encounter? What type of actions do you take to solve those problems?

Try to be flexible in terms of frailties of human experience Does this profession require any traveling? How have the duties of this job differed from what you had anticipated they would be? To what type of people would you recommend this profession?

How demanding and stressful is this field of work? My work, life is effortless In industry working for others what you can fashion between yourself and the company's goals, work Are there any fringe benefits involved in your work? Knowing that you're "making a positive difference" What happens during a day of a marine biologist's life? Cooking, cleaning what have you Some writing, scanning of images Or off on or at trips to Maldives next week, then Fiji, then Hawaii Are there any humorous moments?

All right! I would have never imagined finding this amount info in one location. Everybody always asks you selfish questions about furthering their own systems, and I have to admit the first time i e-mailed you I really didn't expect to receive a reply, I'm curious about your reef system s. Not much time here to have much else I enjoy other people's Can we download an autographed copy of your book from you? We do have them here The Conscientious Marine Aquarist?

Maybe contact the folks at ffexpress or Petstore. Bob "the next bard of fishes" Fenner. Hi Bob, Thank you for responding. I had no idea that you personally responded to at least some of your mail. I appreciate it. Loved your book, by the way. Is this really Bob Fenner?? Just kidding. You have answered? One question Why is that?

Were they not around during that printing? Just curious. Thank you for answering my Manono rock? How admirable!

Thanks for writing Be chatting, Bob Fenner. Thanks, Bob Mr. Fenner, I downloadd your book a couple of months ago, and hardly have time to feed my fish, because I am absolutely engrossed in reading and rereading your excellent, informative, and entertaining handbook.

Your narration is perfect, and it has greatly increased my participation in this hobby.

Newfoundland and Labrador

I have found your advice incredibly sound. I started in this hobby about 7 months ago and have a 65 and gal fish only tanks. I never even had a freshwater tank, but to the amazement of my friends and co-workers, I have not had any problems at all with either setup.

In fact I can boast that I have never lost a fish at all to this point, except when I moved. I believe them to be a good supplier of healthy specimans. I have never inquired to them about collection methods, so my question is does ffexpress acquire or collect cyanide induced specimans?

I sure hope not. All my livestock from them has arrived in incredible collection. May the fish set you free, and allow your mind to travel to the untainted, underwater paradise we all have the ability to capture in our homes.

Your sentiment is exactly what guides and drives me on to do my best. So confused Okey dokey. So I have been cycling some FFexpress Manono live rock for about a week and a half. Maybe the nitrification cycle is just not clear to me. My ammonia levels are now zero. I thought that was supposed to take weeks on end!! Does that mean it is okay to put into my established tank? Or will they spike again over time if more things die off. My husband is not a patient person and wants to just throw it all in-but I really think I am missing something--if my ammonia is low does that mean it is on to the next step--high nitrites?

Do start checking for detectable nitrates Yes, your tank, rock has cycled at least through ammonia One of the many important benefits of using live rock And you may have the nitrite bit to go through Thanks again, for taking the time P.

I believe there are plans, actions afoot to not only add searchability, but maybe bring on the several thousand amazing! I am happy to get such an honest and quick answer.

There is nothing to do, the things are like they are, one who do not try can't book any succes. I became a philosopher with aging, your answer does not bother me because I knew the place could be token, and why not?

Who knows, perhaps in the future if God allow me years to live, perhaps, I've said, will you remember me if I could provide any help. I thank you and M. Fenner to be involved and I hope both of you will get enormous succes in the future.

Saltwater Fish and Reef Tanks: From Beginner to Expert. Zechariah James. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The Conscientious Marine Aquarist: The New Encyclopedia of the Saltwater Aquarium. Greg Jennings. Marine Aquarium Handbook: Beginner to Breeder. Martin A. Read more. Product details Series: Professional Hardcover: English ISBN Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on site Don't have a site? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention saltwater tank well written saltwater bob fenner saltwater aquariums marine aquariums recommend this book reef keeping good information must read marine aquarist download this book read this book new to the hobby great book book is a must book was in excellent aquarium book book is a great fish.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Hardcover Verified download. A must have for any aquarist. There is too much amateur advice in online forums that conflict with each other. This is a book from experts with many years of experience that provide wavetop to in depth information in all aspects of this challenging hobby. Great resource! One person found this helpful. He could tell I was a newbie despite having a saltwater tank when I was much younger and a little confused by all the options and complexities.

He mentioned that this book would save me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars because it would help me avoid some of the most common mistakes a beginner makes.

And I have to say, he was absolutely right!

After reading the first few chapters of this book, which I found to be informative and fascinating, I quickly realized I was in way over my head, and I couldn't devote the time necessary to create and maintain a thriving, healthy environment.

In addition, although I knew that this was not a cheap hobby, I don't think I fully appreciated how expensive it was really going to be, and how much time, effort and money was going to be required, before I read this book. This book is a great starter book for people just getting into marine aquariums.

The author takes great detail to explain about the need to create, maintain and keep a salt-water aquarium. The chapters go into detail about every aspect of the hobby from setting up a system, to lights, fish, waste management, etc. He also tries to make the reader feel responsible to do what is needed to keep a marine reef ecology. Fortunately I've just gotten more resolved.

Your book came Friday, I've been reading it all weekend. And some good news there I'm taking hope that neither of those two show any active symptoms, which since I know the ick is there, maybe they are just more resistant or the quinine has prevented them from becoming infested. I guess I need to recommend not downloading macro algae for anyone's tank, though rinsed it in fresh water hoping that would help. Anyway, thanks for any advice, and even a vent. Just know I'm still trying. Big Bongo Bucks.

Soon to be Big Bonzo Yuan! They suggest we target a release in , so we have plenty of time to think about the revisions. And might I ask your opinion, to ask theirs in turn if you believe the idea has merit A freshwater "Conscientious Aquarist" work Have been writing my first pass at this Would greatly enjoy doing this work with you Having just re-read the well presented information in "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist", Part 1, Chapter 9, on diseases, I feel compelled to remind readers how enlightening and worthwhile your book really is!

Thanks for this gem. I love CMA, but it is starting to get somewhat dated. Does Bob have any plans of coming out with a second edition? Darren White James? Bob, Interesting suggestion.

What would you change if we did a NEW! CMA Bob, I think an update is a great idea--it's hard to believe that a decade has gone by. Sales are tailing off, so a new edition with a new cover makes a lot of sense. Can we do all sequentially? Or would you need all my input at what time point? Re: James? Once we know, I can start working on getting the needed replacement images and you can start writing. Thank you for your efforts. As a book club, we strive to promote shared learning and understanding through discussion and accountability to the group.

Thanks and Best Regards, Hey there! I'll send them a note re I certainly do not mind commercial use of my work in quotation, and permission, and my content is available for use for free by non-commercial interests Again, thank you. I wish I had gotten your book 4 years ago when I got involved in saltwater aquariums I wouldn't have made the mistakes I made. I finished it today Thanks again!! Socios miseris habuisse dolorem dicet. Well, hopefully live and learn.

Cool - thanks! It's a great book. I've learned so much.

What a fascinating and rewarding hobby this is! Thank you for your time. I feel privileged getting your personal help! Through ignorance, and trusting local fish shops, I have done more harm than good. That is until I stumbled upon WWM. You guys have been tremendous help and now I have healthy systems. Every day I sit and watch for whatever new little creature climbs out of the rock, first it was tiny shrimp, then tiny feather duster worms.

I learned that I need to educate myself because the Local fish shops will sell me anything to make a buck. Last weekend I visited my normal fish shop and I picked up your book, The conscientious aquarist. When the guy was ringing me up, he told me "You should have bought this when you first came here! My thought was, "why didn't you show me!

Anyway, some people live and learn, others just live. I am learning! I devoured your book in a couple of days. Thanks for your dedication, I wish I would have taken a class before starting this.

Check out this site, another heartbreaker! Best regards, Martin Johnson Ilkley. I want to introduce you to our ongoing efforts in the way of the website WetWebMedia.

Just want to say thanks again for all your support in the past. I've read and re-read your book and this has helped me to setup a system that will hopefully be much more successful than my previous failed attempt.

My new reef tank is ready and my first fish is in quarantine looking very healthy so far. I consider you and your staff to be the experts in this field and I take your advice very seriously. Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to send you a picture of my new successful reef tank. Do think about this. Certainly the rest of the crew deserves my appreciation too. Originally, four months ago when I was starting up my first large for me anyway - 40g reef aquarium I asked a couple of, honestly, almost outright inane questions.

After not getting the information I needed at no fault of your own or any of the crew I decided to download your book.

I simply wanted to know more and you seemed to be well respected by many on the web. To keep it short, your book has empowered me incredibly as an aquarist.

It gave me the base of knowledge I needed to keep my livestock healthy and happy. While I am still green in the trade to be sure, I now have the ability to ask the "right" questions if that makes any sense in order to get the help I need when my own resources fail.

Thank you for your book, its saved me a lot of stress and very likely a few of my livestock's lives. Deeply gratifying to realize your efforts are helping. Asking you what was the best book to download. I had no you idea you were the one who wrote the Conscientious Marine Aquarist. I just ordered your book and can't wait to read it!

Thanks again for replying to my message. An artifact of my rearing in the orient no doubt Not "tooting one's horn" in the West can set you back a piece. Was just reading the book last night so when I read the web site just now the verbiage seemed familiar. Thanks for writing by far the most in-depth resource on the topic I have read!

Likely "lifted" by myself As you can see below, one site says the Hardcover is the addition and the other Barnes and Nobel says the Paperback is the addition.

Both seem to use the same ISBN numbers to reference each edition hard vs. The original publication date is right As far as I know the text is identical in both "editions" and the hard and soft bound. Fenner I just want to thank you I have a Great book written by you and was wondering if you have any more out here somewhere? I'm thinking of setting up a reef system and have a few years' experience with cichlids.

Cyanide-free Net-caught Fish for the Marine Aquarium Trade

I'm leaning toward downloading Fenner's CMA but note that it was first published in 98 and, according to the FAQs on this site, hasn't really been rewritten since. Finally, is a new edition of this book slated to be released soon? Thanks for the great site. I just ordered the book online and will follow your advice.

I refer to it often and greatly appreciate your work. Shortly after I got the book several sections came loose from the binding and it has become a chore to use it. Also, just wanted to express many thanks for the Wet Web Media website. It has been very helpful on many occasions. Was printed a few times as such Maybe site A heck of a lot better than the advice I tend to get from the local fish shops around here.

At times shocking to say the least. Minimal losses to date and water quality pretty good. Being a beginner it's both terrifying and most enjoyable at the same time. Congratulations on writing such a readable book, and I will tell all my reef friends that this is a must-have for the reference bookshelf. And thank you to all the crew for being there to help those of us really trying to create a healthy marine environment. Thanks, Cynthia in Calgary P. I have Calfo and Fenner's Invertebrate book sitting on the coffee table, and I'm reading that one next.

I received it this morning. Thanks for your help. I might add that I also picked up your "Conscientious Marine Aquarist" book, and wish I had gotten it when I began keeping a marine tank a little over a year ago I would like to suggest that you add that to the main page I don't see it. Really, it should be put on all the pages!

I really think you would generate much more support for your wonderful service. Thank you. How is the WWM crew tonight? I would be very, very, very, happy if you could! I'm sorry about the hassle if you can't but this would be sooooo cool!!

I would highly appreciate it if it's possible. I go on this sight every single day at least an hour and I never miss the daily FAQs. Well a merry Christmas to you and a happy new years! Our address is Menkar Rd. I thought you'd all be way busier. Don't have a "day job" Please do send to Menkar. That advice also being very helpful. Until I received a copy of your book for Christmas, I was the proud owner of a 29 gallon disaster area.

Bad advice surprise from Petco, I should have known better. For shame! And why not be kicked when you're down? I still cant get over the irony of losing cleaner gobies to parasites. Those poor "slivers of happiness". The folks at Coralife did replace the unit but not the fish.

And of course, personal stupidity. If it was not for your book and my wife's persistence I swear there would be goldfish living in there now. No Mandarins, no Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasses, not a single stony coral. Oh Yeah, it looks gooood! I like how you go in depth explaining why a particular species is a good or bad choice. Your ground plans helped organize the live-rock into an attractive reef not rubble. I'm sure you're a very busy man but if you could reply just to let me know you received this letter, I would greatly appreciate it.

However, I'm having a hard time figuring out what the latest edition is. Both show ISBN And if it weren't for your forums, I'd have never known it was available I don't see it. For that much money, I'll fly over and trade them my copy!

And thank you to all the crew for being there to help those of us really trying to create a healthy marine environment. If I am breaching any copyright laws I sincerely hope I'm not I do apologise. Kind of like the 30 phone calls I answer everyday. Thanks, Cynthia in Calgary P. I became a philosopher with aging, your answer does not bother me because I knew the place could be token, and why not? Really, it should be put on all the pages!