To improve knowledge on Office management, Modern Office and its functions. Since office management is similar to the general or administrative management, it performs the same registered and book post etc. (7) Laminators:It is a. Business Organisation and Office Management. Pages Download Book ( PDF, KB) Download Book (ePub, KB) Pages Introduction to. To improve knowledge on office management and its functions. Structure: . To maintain accounts, statutory and non-statutory books etc. of the business.

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Ebook `Office management`: ebooks list of Alexander Hamilton Institute (U.S.) download ebook or read online. Book preview: Office management by Alexander Hamilton Institute (U.S.) download b/w PDF (original scan) · download EPUB. The Office Management training module provides learning materials and exercises on how to . information can be kept in a complaints book. Administrative Office Management ☆ PDF Read. eBook free by Author. Title: Administrative Office Management. Author: Author. Format Page: site Edition.

Tuesday, March 06, 10 By PETER ANDREA b Administrative functions of an office: b Administrative functions of an office Control of office stationary and supplies -Since office work primarily constitutes the records of the enterprises, it is essential to select and download right type of stationeries which are necessary for collection, compiling and arranging of records Safeguarding of assets -The assets must be safeguarded against loss or damage by fire, theft or any other means.

From this definition, management is a continuous process. Office Management is concerned with the application of principles of management for getting office work done through the office personnel.

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It means planning, organizing, coordinate and controlling the activities of an office which are done by the persons working in the office by using the materials, methods, machines and necessary to do the work.

Purpose -Determination of purpose of the office will provide direction to the office activities and it will make it easier to evaluate the performance of different individuals. It is the officer who is responsible for planning, organization and control of office operations and direction of office personnel for the achievement of the purpose of the office.

Office systems and routines -should have a thorough knowledge of all office systems and routines Advice to other departments -Some work is performed in all the departments so the office manager provides advice in organizing Tuesday, March 06, 20 By PETER ANDREA Roles of Office Manager : Roles of Office Manager Public relations -keeps continuous liaison with the general public and government agencies.

Example, Conveys to the public the objectives, policies and programmes of the business. Knowledge of office procedures -he should have practical knowledge of office routines and methods to distribute office work among employees in a better way.

Finance and personnel in order to perform his duties efficiently.

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STUDY A local hotel developer has called you to assist her corporation in designing job descriptions for a new hotel. They work together to forecast room sales and do the auditing of daily cash banks. The reservations manager is responsible for keeping an accurate room inventory by using a reservation module of a property management system.