PDF | The United Arab Emirates' rise to great eminence in the world in across, by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Flashes of Thought - site edition by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Download it the product if i download flashes of thought is the book or PDF. A concise edition of the acclaimed Flashes of Thought, packed with ideas and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the Prime Minister and Vice.

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Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is considered the founder of The book Flashes of Thought was founded on a dialogue at the Government. The visionary Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum pens a great read on how leaders can combine enterprise with excellence, in Flashes of Thought. The Book “Flashes of Thought” is one of the greatest contribution of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai President.

He says, rather revealingly so. There is a call to action to all Arab leaders If this book is more about leadership, and how that can play a role in achieving happiness for others, then it is also a book for people of the Arab world.

He completely refutes any question that Dubai is lucky. He says the success has come from hard work and focus.

If you have a vision, then work with a team to achieve it. Reflect and focus on positivity in the face of adversity, anything is achievable. Most people will quote the financial crisis of as a time Dubai needed to stay positive, but the example given is in the s, when Dubai's main source of revenue, pearl trading, was disrupted as they were all of a sudden able to be mass produced in Asia, many lost their jobs, but innovation ensured that the people of Dubai found new ways to prosper.

If you stay positive in your personal life, you can also be happy He reminds people how important family is.

His family gives him an enormous sense of happiness and he always makes time for them. He says exercise is for the spirit and meditation is for the soul. He walks for 10km every day in the desert as a source of meditation.

Final thoughts This came at a good time for me, when I needed inspiration, I found it through a leader that was largely talking to his people and not directly to me. One who, although we live in the same part of the world, I would not have expected for finding as a source of guidance.

There are many western leaders or people in the public life that I could Identify with more. The book thought me that to achieve a vision will be succeeded if I manage to lead a team properly.

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The author of seven publications comes across as an intelligent leader with a clear perspective of the future — happy, though not content when it comes to what more he can do for the residents of Dubai and the UAE.

With little time to catch a breath in this pursuit of happiness, government services must be up to speed to serve the people.

Time is not on our side and the time to act is now, he says. The author is an eager listener, learner and an avid reader of the thought process of the nation.

New, innovative ideas are what should drive the country in its next phase of growth and this can come from all kinds of people — citizens and expats alike. He goads Emiratis to take the future into their hands, grab opportunities coming their way and rise up to challenges thrown at them.

We should get accustomed to not getting accustomed, he writes.

War and conflicts have wracked the region and the writer takes on his critics who say the country benefited from troubles in the Middle East. The UAE would have benefited more if there was peace in the region, he argues.

But a region shorn of peace and an uncertain economic climate should not curtail the ability of leaders to take calculated risks. Shaikh Mohammed comes out battling for the entrepreneur while real batt-les rage elsewhere.

His economics-can-trump-politics policy has proven effective and looks certain to work wonders in the future.Some people would say this book is some kind of propaganda, I would say is just about facts.

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There are many western leaders or people in the public life that I could Identify with more. Happiness is a tangible goal for a state He twice quotes Aristotle who says that a state is a living being, therefore a state can achieve happiness. Jump to: Tense Tips on technique 7: