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Epub electronic summation of the e book Confessions of a D-List Supervillain (D- List Supervillain, #2) by Jim Bernheimer full ebook assessment report by. A description of tropes appearing in Confessions of a D-List Supervillain. Those are the words of Calvin Matthew Stringel, better known as Mechani-Cal. He's . Confessions of a d list supervillain site edition by jim bernheimer fiona hsieh a d list supervillain cal stringel returns in the fourth volume of the d list.

Heart Is an Awesome Power : When Cal puts on a necklace that gives people superpowers, it allows him to understand any language he hears or reads. His initial reaction to this is disappointment, but it ends up coming in handy. Wendy keeps getting it wrong. The Bugler, Friendly Enemy as he is, actually takes care to pronounce it the right way.

Jumping Off the Slippery Slope : Lazarus Patterson was, at best, a Corrupt Corporate Executive with a heart of jerk to begin with, but his money and good publicity allowed him to remain one of the world's premier superheroes, with widespread popularity, influence, and a pretty freaking luxurious life. Since we only ever see him for quick Kick the Dog moments through Cal's eyes, we don't see what was going on with his character beyond his feud with Cal.

So we don't know what was going through his head when he decided to build his giant, illegal atomic robots. By the time he escapes from custody after his sentencing in the climax, he's apparently decided to go full supervillain. But we never find out at what point he made that decision, or if that was his plan for the atomic robots all along.

Even the other superheroes comment in-story that he's changed to go so completely off the deep end. Kick the Dog : Ultraweapon gets one when he memory-wipes Aphrodite of her romance with Cal.

Jerkass : Ultraweapon is a vain, egotistical prick. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Athena is highly unpleasant and constantly talks down to Cal, but she's still a genuine hero and eventually softens up. This from "MechaniCal". Law of Inverse Fertility : Cal and Wendy conceive a kid during their mind-control.

Literary Agent Hypothesis : Most of the first book is presented as Cal's memoir, released "posthumously. Secrets of a D-List Supervillain goes into more detail about how he arranged its publication.

More Than Mind Control : A central premise of the book. The problem isn't the bugs which mind control people. It's the fact that the mind-control is more addictive than crack and heroin put together with great sex.

Only in a superhero universe does Cal's execution of Wendy's stalker end up evil after the man used his superpowers to force Cal and her to have sex. Ditto executing Lazarus Peterson in the middle of his terrorist attack. Pet the Dog : Mechani-Cal gets probably his single greatest moment of sympathy when he gives a starving mother some of his rations.

Phlebotinum Killed the Dinosaurs : Tyrannosorcerer Rex claims to have caused the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event in order to stop an uprising by his subjects.

Cal has doubts about this; although Rex was a powerful sorcerer, he was killed before he could get a chance to show off his Apocalypse-spell chops, and there's no record of that spell in his spellbooks. Physical God : Played with. The Olympians are essentially mortals empowered with the personality and powers of the deities they represent. Rape by Proxy : Done to Cal and Wendy by her psychic stalker.

When he brags about this afterwards, Cal kills him. Rich Bitch : Subverted by Wendy. Despite being richer than God, she's the sweetest character in the book. Oddly, this seems to have been Aphrodite's old personality. He made part of his original armor but has since used a core of engineers to make the rest of it.

He now coasts on the profits and prestige from 'his' work. Wendy is frequently noted to have a filthy mouth thanks to being from New York.

Southern-Fried Genius : It's difficult to take the Bilouxi Bugler seriously until you realize he invented the Sonic Bugle which creates solid sound. Token Evil Teammate : Cal is the only villain in the group of freed supers taking on the bugs.

The others use their inevitable betrayal as a diversion. He explicitly refers to himself as and wants to be this, since as little as he trusts the heroes, he trusts his fellow villains even less.

Took a Level in Badass : Aphrodite gets a haircut, a suit of armor, and toughens up considerably. Which Ultraweapon reverses with a memory eraser gun. She regains them at the end of the book. Villain Ball : Lazarus Patterson was incredibly rich and well-connected, which allowed him to remain one of the world's leading superheroes despite his incredible Jerkass-ness.

His power from within the system even put him in a perfect position to deal with Cal, what with the ability to launch assassination attempts pretty much with impunity like he did with the C-Class Bots, ruin Cal's business ventures as he did by destroying the robots Cal had leased to Florida, and ruin his personal life as he did by egging on Mind Over Mather's Mind Rape Snuff Film plan.

As things stood just before the fight in Los Angeles, Paterson could have continued to strike at Cal pretty much with impunity, while living the life of a Rich Idiot with No Day Job and a new beautiful woman every week It's never really explained what he originally planned to do with them, since he couldn't possibly sell them to the government or any other legitimate downloader, and the only two supervillains who seem to have the resources to download them are also mortal enemies of Patterson.

In any case, the mere existence of these robots is enough to turn the government, Superheroes, and many of his own employees against him, leading to his downfall. Villainous Breakdown : Cal risks one when Ultraweapon is given credit for saving the world instead of him. Then Ultraweapon has one of his own soon after.

Origins of a D-List Supervillain Origins of a D-List Supervillain provides examples of the following tropes: Asshole Victim : Barton, the guy who deliberately ruins Cal's career just to scare other engineers into compliance. Also, Maxine Velocity. Ultraweapon is an asshole and Cal obsesses over what a dick he is, so the narration is more-or-less sympathetic to the death of someone who tried to kill him, but she was still a murderous, serial-rapist whackjob.

Bad Boss : The Evil Overlord Kills a staggering number of his henchmen when he activates the self-destruct mechanism inside his home base while they're still inside. Lazarus Patterson's Father is involved with a super-soldier project experimenting on the Davros sisters, who also happen to be Air Force pilots. He proceeds to have an affair with and possibly knock one up, puts her through the experiment anyway. Afterwards, one of the sisters develops psychic powers, while the other shows no evidence of powers.

She does, however suddenly go through an entire pregnancy in a month before dying while giving birth to the fifth fastest woman in the world.

Patterson Senior lies to the surviving Davros, telling her that the child died as well. Lying to a psychic proves ineffective.

Davros starts calling herself General Devious, murders old man Patterson, and becomes one of the world's leading supervillains , taking young Maxine Velocity along for the ride. Lazarus Patterson, meanwhile, grows up to be the Jerkass that everyone knows and hates, with an ongoing enmity with Devious and her niece. Blessed with Suck : This is a common feature of superpowers, it turns out. Call-Forward : Almost too many to list.

Cal saying he'd never date a girl like Aphrodite is frequently lampshaded. Continuity Nod : The book is made of them, referencing events both great and small from Confessions.

Smashwords – Confessions of a D-List Supervillan - A book by Jim Bernheimer - page 1

Curb-Stomp Battle : A series of them throughout the book. Despair Event Horizon : Cal suffers one after Vicky dies and when Ultraweapon effortlessly defeats him. Disproportionate Retribution : Barton ruins Cal's career, destroys any possibility of his getting another job elsewhere, and otherwise destroys his life due to Cal resigning for wanting credit for his work on Ultraweapon's armor.

He doesn't even let Cal withdraw his resignation. Evil Twin : Joseph Ducie, a. A clone of Joe Ducie, he serves as the Evil Overlord's head engineer, he designs weapons to combat the original Ducie's employer, and occasionally impersonates the original to steal information from his team. And when Joseph is left dying after the destruction of the Overlord's Omega Base, he convinces a drunk Cal to sign over his suit for a forty-eight hour bucket list run, during which the clone murders numerous people, blows up the original Ducie's house, and kidnaps his mother, among other drunken shenanigans.

All of which gets blamed on Cal. Evil vs. Both are supremely self-centered jerkasses who care nothing about the collateral damage of their fight, with Maxine taking hostages to lure Ultraweapon into a fight, while Patterson kills them when he detonates the explosive charges around them along with the ones Maxine is holding by spamming radio detonator transmissions when she was about to kill him.

Ultraweapon is a Corrupt Corporate Executive who never lets morals get in the way of personal gratification, while Maxine is a murderous serial rapist. The fact that they may be half-siblings just makes it more messed up. It ruins Cal's moment. Girl-on-Girl Is Hot : In-universe, many supervillains are fascinated by Velocity's provocative sex life. Hero Antagonist : Ultraweapon appears to be this. The Biloxi Bugler is a more straightforward example. High-Dive Escape : One of Cal's preferred methods for evading pursuit after a crime is to seal up his suit and dive into a river to swim away unseen.

Hurricane of Puns : The Biloxi Bugler is every bit the old-school hero, complete with a slew of sound-based quips for use in battle. Ideal Hero : The Biloxi Bugler is unwaveringly confident in the essential goodness of everyone he meets, and genuinely believes that good will always triumph over evil and that whole schpiel.

The Lost Lenore : Vicky becomes this for Cal after she's killed in the destruction of the Overlord's base. It makes him feel unclean. Petting Zoo People : Amy-Dillo is described as, "Looking like a cross between a pin-up and an armadillo. Kind of hot and kind of weird. She is a normal ambitious young corporate executive, except for the fact she works for the equivalent of Hydra.

He's been in the hero business for decades he retires during the course of the story , based out of Biloxi, Mississippi. So of course his original cape was a Confederate Flag while his motorcycle's paint job was the design of the Mississippi State Flag.

By the time of the story, he's ditched the Confederate Cape, but stubbornly holds onto the State Flag paint job. Psycho Lesbian : Maxine Velocity: speedster, villainess, lesbian. She's also obsessed with killing Lazarus Patterson who may or may not be her half-brother. Small Name, Big Ego : A psychologist, correctly, points out that while Cal's situation sucks—he's not the center of the world and it would be best to get over himself.

Sophisticated as Hell : General Devious' general personality. Start of Darkness : This is more or less what this story is all about. Villainous Breakdown : Occurs for the Merchant of Death who roofies Cal, has him sign a rental agreement written up in a drunken haze, and steals Cal's armor to go on bucket list bender through Vegas that includes challenging an animatronic dragon to a fight, destroying a famous sign, and having sex with a building, all of which winds up online with people thinking Cal did it.

Also, a couple murders. In the end, Cal has to fetch him from the Grand Canyon, but he also requests clothes, burritos, and more scotch. Cal has one himself after the one-two punch of Vicky's death and his causal defeat at the hands of Ultraweapon.

Brain Bleach : Mentioned in the title of the chapter expanding on the aftermath of the Tyrannosorcerer Rex fight, all the former dinosaur transformees were changed back and left naked.

Confessions of a D-List Supervillain book by Jim Bernheimer online

Broken Pedestal : Cal's tell-all book has this effect on the Olympians and numerous other superhero teams as it exposes their very human flaws. Characterization Marches On : Cal says that he "wrote" Whirl-Wendy far nicer in the first book than she actually is in life. Child by Rape : Implied with Imaginary Larry, courtesy of government agents playing his high school girlfriend in order to breed powerful psychics.

That's one of the reasons he doesn't want to submit to government supervision. Continuity Nod : Maxine Velocity and Amydillo get name-dropped once or twice.

Defeat Means Friendship : Cal's recruitment of Larry for his team boiled down to beating him up twice, then offering to kill him. Unfortunately, this makes the government able to bring charges of alien collaboration to persecute his teammates. Evil Is Petty : Lazarus Patterson attends inter-team updates, which other heroes consider one of their worst duties, solely for the purposes of taunting Cal.

Fate Worse than Death : The Evil Overlord finds himself treated not like a supervillain and more like Hitler x50 after his capture due to accidentally for a definition of the word causing the crisis of the first book. To be fair, given a billion people died, this is understandable. Pennies for the Ferryman, Spirals of Destiny Garth Nix has written a few series of stories at different maturity levels and I;ve enjoy all I;ve read.

Origin: Jennings (Origins Series Book 1)

And no, I don;t have that at all. Deuteronomy to When you come to the land which Jehovah your Confessions of a D-List Supervillain gives you, you shall not learn to do according to the abominations of those nations. If you are having trouble losing weight, or if you are losing weight, but Confessions of a D-List Supervillain quickly, try adding in exercise. You should check out JW.

You belong in a jail cell for calling me a bigot. The best reference about the Trojan War is the Iliad and it lists all the ships that sailed to Troy for the war, and there was over 1, Confessions of a D-List Supervillain: Good luck!. Also Mohammad did not only conquer but also made bloodless peace treaties with several Arab political powers, and those treaties usually did not require that those associates convert to Islam though the treaties did require the paying of the Islamic quot;zakatquot; tax by the treaty partners.

At least a sentence. Be there for your fiance. After a vicious kick to the face from the top rope, Blackman was able to pin Confessions of a D-List Supervillain Bulldog.

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Over Recipes. Smithmark PubReleased: May, Page Count: This is hard.

A Translation for the 21st Century, Vol.The "let's see things from the bad guy's point of view" has been done before, as well as the "POV of a low-level mook. The supporting characters are also well described and introduced. If this story had a flaw it was the slight taint of misogyny and the fact that the only really fleshed out secondary characters were the two love interests.

Ultimately this book is very funny, and very fun. After a vicious kick to the face from the top rope, Blackman was able to pin Confessions of a D-List Supervillain Bulldog.